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RAK Mountain Centre

Students doing wilderness survival

Nestled in the heart of the Hajar mountain, our unique primary centre in Ras Al Khaimah is the perfect location to experience the great outdoors. The centre is one of a kind for the UAE, and suitable for students of all ages. 


With an abundance of authentic Adventure Activities taking place in nature's playground along with the cultural learning, plenty of routes for International Award both practice & qualifiers, this place has it all.

outdoor activities for students

RAK Marine Centre

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Just 50 minutes away from Dubai, set in the Majaz marine front, this venue is great for students to enjoy a number of water and teambuilding activities while staying in the comfort of a 4 star hotel.

Al Majaz Marine Centre

student doing the zip line

Just over an hour away from Dubai, this is a gentle location for the younger year groups to progress, this purpose    built centre has a multitude of activities to offer students.    High   Ropes course and marine all in one place!

UAQ Marine Centre

Overnight school residential on a beach hotel

Khor Fakkan Beach Site

The spectacular waterfront location allows us to have a bigger focus on water activities such as Kayaking, Giant SUP, and Marine studies, the extensive open area on the beach and within the hotel grounds also give us the opportunity to offer engaging carefully selected land activities.​

Duke of Edinburgh International Award

Duke of Edinburgh International Award

"It is safe to say, that having trialed a few Outdoor Adventure providers, yours most definitely sits above the rest"

Arbor School


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