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Challenging Adventure offer a number of exciting destinations that provide real “learning outside the classroom”, where students can become more culturally & globally aware, gain key life-skills such as independence, problem solving & resilience and learn to empathise with global issues from a first-hand perspective.


Our trips can be focused around activity camps, service-based (including CAS for IB students), provide trekking challenges and adventure, cultural education or a blend of all of these and students will return home enthused and enriched by their many amazing experiences!

Overseas trips for schools


 Where East meets West, Turkey offers a rich history, ancient monuments, amazing home cooked food, warm hospitality and a wide range of exciting adventure activities.

students white water rafting

Culturally worlds apart from the Middle East, Nepal offers world-class trekking, great service opportunities and continues to provide excellent value for money. 


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Sri Lanka

Although small, this pearl in the Indian ocean provides a real cultural experience to all who visit. Tropical, palm-fringed beaches line the coast and dense, green jungle covers the interior,  the people are incredibly friendly and there is no shortage of interesting things to fill your itinerary

School trips to sri lanka


A land rich in history but at the same time is known for its modern technology, China is a great destination to learn about the culture and history of one of the world's oldest heritages

school trip to china
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