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RAK Centre Hightlights

  • Onsite seating for up to 200+

  • Camp sleeps 350 or more

  • Camping in a safe & secure environment

  • Base camp has 4 different camping areas

  • Toilets and showers facilities 

  • Houses two medium sized hot spring filled pools

  • Standard & Luxury camping

  • VIP Majlis

  • All our land activities take place onsite or right outside the door, no need for additional transport

  • Onsite facilities for Field / Environmental studies

  • Shaded terrace

  • Variety of fruit trees

  • 15 minutes from the city of RAK

  • Majlis style seating available

  • Prayer area available

  • Instructor onsite at all times

location map

Outdoor Activity Centre RAK

Challenging Adventure LLC

Wadi Khdaa

Ras Al Khaimah


Office Hours: 8.00am - 5.00pm from Monday to Friday


Tel: -971 (0) 56 665 1481

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