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Recommended Kit List 


T-shirts, shorts and trainers are the norm, but any loose and lightweight clothing is fine, especially for traveling in. Jeans are not appropriate for activities.

Please don’t over pack (your child will need to be able to carry their bags) and take into account the duration of the  stay as well as the weather which is likely to be hot during the day and warm at night. You will need to bring a sleeping bag and small pillow for night time, but all specialist equipment for all the activities will be provided.

Clothing (in addition to day to day clothing)

 >   Casual wear (Shorts, T-shirts, Long trousers / leggings) for day and evenings including a fleece or jumper in case it’s chilly in the evening*  (*Winter time)

 >   Water-sports kit to include shorts, swimming costume , long-sleeved t-shirt, sun hat and footwear such as old  trainers/ water shoes (no flip-flops / sandals)

 >   T shirt / nightclothes

 >   2 x Pairs Practical shoes for activities i.e. sturdy covered toe soled trainers (ideally 2 pairs)

Other Essentials

>  Sleeping bag & pillow

>  Water bottle(s) (sturdy & refillable)

>  Sunglasses/sunhat 

>  Small torch (flashlight)

>  Washbag and Towels

>  Face Masks for travel

Insect repellent  *Optional 

>  Separate bag for water clothes 

>  Waterproof high-factor sunscreen

>  Small rucksack/ shoulder bag

>  Snacks for the journey *Resealable bag for camp

 Pocket money *Optional 

Bag for dirty / wet clothes 

>  Personal Medication

Personal Hand Sanitiser *Optional 

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