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Offering both DAY TRIPS and RESIDENTIAL CAMPS, which can be tailored to suit your schools individual and curriculum needs.  

With an ethos and focus on sustaining our earth Challenging Adventure selected a site which enables us to utilise the natural landscape that is on our doorstep for the activities, allowing students to spend more time on the activities while learning within nature and cutting down on additional transport.

Being surrounded by nature, culture and history we can incorporate experiences into our programmes such as:

  • Environmental Clean Ups

  • Horticulture and Project Work

  • Cultural Learning 

  • Mindfulness & Sustainability Enrichment

Residential Camps and Award Schemes  

  • Residential Camps - Specialising in programs that incorporate adventure activities with close curriculum links to Maths, Science, Geography, History, Humanities, Cultural Learning, Physical Education to name a few, our residential programs are both unique and progressively challenging as we move up through the Year Groups.  Our 1 night stays are perfect for our younger students with gentle activities, while our 3 or 4 nights stays allowing our older students to stay longer at the and enjoy a more advanced activities and exploration of our programs in greater depth and progression.

  • International Award Scheme - Offering International Award (Duke of Edinburgh) Bronze, Silver and Gold award scheme, for those students who enjoy the great outdoors, while following a traditional program.

Day Trips

  • Enrichment Days - Let us come to your school, and run an enrichment day to assist you with the Social Studies aspect of the curriculum.

  • Environmental Programs - Either Mountain or Mangroves, we offer clean up style days that ensure the students are left in no doubt about what happens to rubbish when it is carelessly dis-guarded.  Looking at who and what this affects along with the damage that can be done will be seen first hand, making this one of the most beneficial Environmental programs on offer in the UAE.

  • Horticulture and Project Work - Utilising our natural resources at our centre and surrounding area, this style of program gives students some hands on experience in planting, weeding, harvesting, irrigating, dry stone walling and path building, looking at the history of farming and using the traditional methods.

  • Cultural Learning - Challenging Adventure are uniquely positioned to offer an exclusive cultural program, with a visit our wadi's working Majlis adjacent to our site. After a trek up to the Majlis the students will be introduced to the historical & present cultural and hierarchy of this wadi, followed be a visit inside the Majlis itself where they will work on their memory recall skills.

Overseas Adventures

  • Many different destinations on offer with focus on trekking, community and volunteering work as well as cultural experiences...

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Arcadia School - It is safe to say, that having trialled a few Outdoor Adventure provisions, yours most definitely sits above the rest
British School Bahrain - This is best residential experience I have ever had in my 20 years of teaching
English College  - The camp was amazing and the staff went out of their way to ensure the students were not only looked after, but also had a good time. I will definitely book this trip again and will highly recommend it to others.
RAK AcademyThe was fantastic from beginning to end. The children saw the educational benefits and made many links to classroom learning. It was a great opportunity to have the children working so well together and the organisation of the whole day was exceptional! We will be back :)
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