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HALF DAY  1 x 3 hr Session - 09:30 - 12:30 or 13:30 - 16:30

FULL DAY  2 x 3 hr Sessions - 09:30 - 16:30 (Lunch 12:30 - 13:30)

Session 3 hours : Archery and Wilderness Survival

Archery .. Experience the thrill of 'hunting' with bow and arrow.. The prey might be balloons on our targets of course, but you will get to experience the strength and focus that is required for this sport.  We spice the session up by introducing challenges which encourages the team to work together.


Wilderness Survival .. Design and build a shelter, that will fit your team, with only the materials we provide.  Testing out ideas, selecting the most promising one and building the shelter that the whole team will fit into!  Along with fire starting and rescue techniques and mission this is one of our most popular 

Focus: Leadership Skills, Creative Skills, Team Development, Improved Perseverance 

Session 3hrs : Orienteering and Team Building Activities ..

Orienteering / Treasure hunt ..Find your way both literally and metaphorically .. discover your strengths and explore how to improve on your weaknesses with this challenging team activity.  Using compasses and measuring distance in paces, we give you a series of bearings to follow to arrive at each check point.  Pick up the secret letters at each check point to solve the final puzzle.

Team Building .. Utilising our open space we prepare a series of brain teasers and physical challenges.  These can include brain teasers such as  'Bridge the Gap' or 'Mine Field' or more physical activities such as 'Capture the Flag' or even a good old game of 'Tug of War'

Focus:  Team Building, Improved Motivation, Leadership Skills, Time Management  

Difficulty level - Easy / Medium 

All programs can be tailored to be a fun team building event or a team development analysis and reviews


Duration : 1 x 3hr session or 2 x 3hr sessions

Location : Mountain Centre - RAK

Sharjah Centre or Desert Location RAK / Dubai

Purpose : Getting the team out of the comfort zone, working together to develop new skills and show their strengths and leadership skills. 

Min : 8 people

Max : 60 people

Includes : Venue, Fully Qualified UK Instructors, Activity Equipment, Safety Equipment, Liability Insurance.

Excludes : Transport and Food - however both can be arranged.


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