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The Challenging Adventure camp a unique and one of a kind centre that is situated in a private wadi and built on a natural hot spring, offering a tranquil, green and lush oasis in the heart of the Hajar Mountains, yet amazingly just 15 minutes outside of RAK city centre, majority of our activities take place on our done. 


RAK CENTRE - Highlights

  • Direct access to our land-based activities - no need to travel... just walk out the gate!

  •  A kitchen garden and campsite with over 38 different types of shrubs and trees to identify, enabling us to create horticultural programs, to enhance this further we have access to local farms and traditional farming methods

  • Three natural hot spring filled swimming pools

  • Ample space within our secure fenced site to run group activities

  • 3 Accommodation sites with girls & boys segregation in operation

  • 2 Covered terrace eating area seating up to 200+. each

  • Separate Toilets and Showers (Hot Water)

  • Unique 'VIP Cultural Majlis on the Mountain' experience 200+.

  • Majlis dining area 200+.

  • Situated in an active local wadi, we are able to offer a authentic cultural experience as well as an outdoor adventure experience

  • Onsite catering healthy Mediterranean menu and BBQ

  • Luxury tents

  • Large activity area

  • Campfire Area for evening activities and meetings

  • Onsite kitchen with a Turkish chef offering nutritious home cooked meals 

  • Pray Rooms




Rock Climbing 

Climb on natural limestone crag, there  are many routes.

School - Rock Climbing  (32).JPG

Kitchen Garden 

Learn how to grow food from seed to plate.

School - Farming   (13)_edited.jpg

Treasure Hunt 

Complete the riddles follow the map to find the hidden treasure.

School - Treasure Hunt  _edited.png
School Low Rope  (4).JPG

Low Ropes 

Try to balance across without falling off, it's harder than it sounds.


Using a map & compass to navigate the course to find the clues.



Abseil down safely, this can be done on natural rock and purpose built wall.


Wilderness Survival

Shelter Building, fire starting, first aid  



Paddle through the mangroves and understand the ecosystem that exists.

School Kayaking  (9).JPG

Majlis Trek 

Short trek up the mountain to our traditional local Majlis.


Giant SUP 

Work together to keep afloat and race the other team.


Raft Building 

Work together to build a raft using materials given.

Raft Building_edited.jpg

Rock Hopping 

Build confidence and improve balance on natural rocks.

Rock Climbing  (3).JPG


Compete against each other to score high & hit bulls'eye

Gems RAK (17).jpg

Wild Camp

Experience the thrill of sleeping in the wild. 

School - Wild Camp  (14).JPG


Variety of treks at different levels in Ras al Khaimah 



Learn how to preserve and protect the surrounding wadi area.

School Wadi Conservation.JPG


Arts & Crafts

Use materials found in nature to create a master piece

Art 10.jpg

SUP Boards

Practice your balance and race against your team mates to the finish line.


Team Building

With a wide range of activities, there is something for every team to work on.



Work together to rescue an injured member & give 1st Aid

School - Wilderness Survival  (6)_edited

Spring Pools

Relax at the end of a busy day in the natural hot spring pools.



Spend the evening around the campfire toasting marshmallows.

+971 7 244 8097 / +971 56 665 1481

Via Ferrata 

Take the wire route

along the mountain

edge & beat your fears.



 A popular activity involving scrambling & trekking.

C20 .JPG
Activities for Schools
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