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Challenging Adventure offer authentic overseas experiences, visiting some of the magical sights, cultures and people that our wonderful World has waiting for you.

We offer a number of unique destinations and our trips provide real “learning outside the classroom”, where students can become more culturally & globally aware, gain key life-skills such as independence, problem solving & resilience and learn to empathise with global issues from a first-hand perspective.

Our trips can be focused around activity camps, service-based (including CAS for IB students), provide trekking challenges and adventure, cultural education or a blend of all of these along with International Award Bronze, Silver & Gold. 

Whichever exciting destination you choose, students will return home enthused and enriched by their many amazing experiences!

All our trips and activities are lead by fully qualified British instructors and all activity kit is provided.

Available to School Groups, Social Groups & Adult Groups 10+

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