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HALF DAY  1 x 3 hr Session - 09:30 - 12:30 or 13:30 - 16:30

FULL DAY  2 x 3 hr Sessions - 09:30 - 16:30 (Lunch 12:30 - 13:30)

Session - 3hrs : 

Introduction and pre-evaluation 

There is a village that has been cut off from the world and urgently needs supplies.  It's your job to take these across but how can you do this when there's no way in?  Maybe you will be able to Build a Bridge.

The water supply is being updated and you need to find a temporary way to get the water from A - B with the supplies you have, work together to find the most effective way for the water to flow. 

Follow the path that has been given but wait there's a twist and your vital sense of sight has been taken away.  With the help of the leader you and your team need to navigate through the course in the time given. 

You are in the Jungle and need to find the quickest route out, with your team mates you have to avoid the snake pits and swaps.  Memory and communication are key in this one.

Focus: Teamwork, Leadership, Trust, Memory recall 

Session - 3hrs : 

Competing against the other team you need to be quick on your feet and fast thinking to out smart the other team and capture as many flags as you can without being captured yourself.  The team with the most flags will be the winner.

Listen to the beat and repeat, this will get your creative thinking going.  Beating the drum you will follow the leader and recreate the beat with the team, once you have got the beat can you do this with more hands on the drum?  The team will get smaller and smaller making the challenge even harder.

Picture that - using descriptive words the leader will explain what the rest of the team need to draw can the rest of the team match the leaders drawing?

Focus: Communication, Critical Thinking, Creative Thinking,  Improved Co-ordination skills 

Difficulty Level - Easy 

All programs can be tailored to be a fun team building event or a team development analysis and reviews


Duration : 1 x 3hr session or 2 x 3hr sessions

Location : Mountain Centre - RAK,

Sharjah Centre, Desert RAK or Dubai

Purpose : Develop new skills and refine one that you have already, work together and re group as a team to take the diversity back to the office. 

Min : 10 people 

Max : 250 people

Includes : Venue, Fully Qualified UK Instructors, Activity Equipment, Safety Equipment, Liability Insurance.

Excludes : Transport and Food - however both can be arranged.


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