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HALF DAY  1 x 3 hr Session - 09:30 - 12:30 or 13:30 - 16:30

FULL DAY  2 x 3 hr Sessions - 09:30 - 16:30 (Lunch 12:30 - 13:30)

Session - 2 x 1.5hrs : Survival Quest 

You will be given a quest for survival


With the help of maps & compasses you will need to navigate your team through the mountains or deserts this may be to help you and your team find the materials needed for you to survive in the wild or to navigate your way through to survival.

Design and build a shelter, that will fit your whole team, with only the materials we provide.  Test out ideas, select the most promising and construct a shelter that the whole team will fit into!  Along with fire starting and rescue missions this is one of our most popular adventures!

We set up some 'emergency situations', and using techniques and skills such as Slack-lining and Low Rope Course Building we ask you to be the rescue team...lives are depending on you!

Focus: Building trust within the team, improved organisation, leadership skills,

Session - 3hrs : Mini Trek 

Wilderness Trek .. Get out of your office and take a stroll in ours - the majestic Hajar mountains.  This trek will pass by abandoned local dwellings, giving us the chance to experience what life was like for the people of this area.  Create a 'memory stick' along the way to remind you of your route and experiences.  Comparing these at the end illustrates how we can view the same experience in different ways.  Back in your office your might realise there are many different ways of tackling at problem and realise the value of keeping an open mind!

Focus:  Exercise, memory focus, team development, cultural experience 

Difficulty - Easy 

All programs can be tailored to be a fun team building event or a team development analysis and reviews


Duration : 1x  3hr session or 2 x 3hr sessions

Location : Mountain Centre - RAK, 

Sharjah Centre or Desert Location RAK / Dubai

Purpose : Gathering together as a team to take part in activities that will challenge and develop your team. 

Min : 8

Max : 150+

Includes : Venue, Fully Qualified UK Instructors, Activity Equipment, Safety Equipment, Liability Instructors.

Excludes : Transport and Food - however both can be arranged.


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