Our marine centre is located in the heart of Ras al Khaimah, offering luxury overnight accommodation, with immediate access to the mangroves to take part in our abundance water activities along with outdoor space to complete our selection of land activities. 

Marine -Highlights

Hotel Accommodation sleeps 200+ plus

Indoor and outdoor restaurant dining 

Outdoor activity area

Marine location 

Swimming pool

Water Activities at location

24 hour security on site

Sports Facilities 

Hotel Facilities 

Mountain and Desert short distance away

Based around the natural mangroves of Ras al Khaimah 




Paddle with your mates while keeping your balance and trying to stay a float!


Paddle through the mangroves and understand the ecosystem that exists.


Learn about the effects of human activity on the mangrove ecosystem & help maintain it.

Majlis Trek 

Short trek up the mountain to our traditional local Majlis.

Giant SUP 

Work together to keep afloat and race the other team.

Raft Building 

Work together to build a raft using materials given.

Dragon Boating

Try out this ancient Chinese sport which requires a lot of teamwork and timing.

Mangrove Cleanup

Learn about the effects of human activity on the mangrove ecosystem and help maintain it.



With a variety of team building activities to choose from, we can help students develop many key skills.

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