Terms & Conditions

You are entering into a contract with Challenging Adventure LLC on behalf of your child and agree to the below terms & conditions laid out.

1. Payment - Full payment will be required to secure your child's place.        

2. Cancellation - If you need to cancel the place, the below cancellation fees will apply.  Cancellations must be made in writing.
Anyone needing/ wanting to leave the trip early will not be entitled to a refund from Challenging Adventure LLC.

Cancellation fees – per person

4 weeks or more 20% non refundable Deposit
3 weeks or less – 100%

*Any covid related cancellations will be assessed on case by case basis

3. Payment Terms – Payment can be made in Cash / Cheque (Made payable to Challenging Adventure LLC) / Bank Transfer / Bank Cash Deposit at RAK any ATM.  Any bank charges incurred for bank transfers must be covered by you.

4. Medical – While our expeditions are tailored to suit all ages and abilities it is your responsibility to consult your doctor prior to booking if your child has any health issues that interfere with their  ability to take part in the expedition.  We always carry a first aid kit and have a qualified first aider however any medical treatment given to your child will be with your consent.

I consent to my child / myself receiving emergency medical treatment, on the understanding that I am contacted as soon as is reasonably possible. I authorise my child / myself is to be given paracetamol as pain relief if needed after consultation with both a trained first-aider and teacher in charge and agree that I have private medical insurance to cover any medical treatment needed, once emergency treatment has been given.  I agree that I will not pursue Challenging Adventure for any medical costs that maybe incurred once emergency treatment has been given.
Ensure you carry any personal medication at all times; please ensure we are notified of any health conditions at the time of booking.  Challenging Adventure LLC accept no responsibility to anyone taking part with any underlying condition and advise people that they take part at the own risk.
5. It is the responsibility of all participants to wear appropriate clothing and footwear for the chosen activity, and to listen and follow all safety instructions given.  Failing to do this may result in harm & removal from the activity.

Challenging Adventure LLC reserve the right to withdraw any participant who deems a safety risk or lack of discipline towards themselves or the rest of the group, the participant will be responsible to cover any additional cost incurred to Challenging Adventure LLC and no refund will be given.

6.  We reserve the right to cancel the trip, due to failure to pay the required balance, no deposit will be refunded. Events beyond our control we will offer an alternative date, different itinerary, a full refund, 6a. Changes to the itinerary maybe made due to factors out of our control such as weather conditions, sickness or other incidents, all changes will be notified to the group leader with the groups best interest in mind.
For adverse weather conditions bookings will be given alternative options or a change of date, no refunds will be given

7. Liability – We accept no liability for any cancellations, delays or changes caused by war, threat of war, terrorist attack, closure of airport, civil strike, industrial action, natural disasters, technical problems to transport, unforeseen changes to your personal circumstances or other events beyond our control, participants medical or psychiatric conditions that may develop during or after the expedition, loss or damage to personal property of participants.  

7a. Challenging Adventure has a no phones policy at the centre unless prior agreement is agreed with the school, this is for the safety of the students during sessions times, use of phones proves to be safety risk to everyone taking part in activities and to avoid electronic distraction along with any distress that will be caused by loss or damage to the device.

8. Transport – Challenging Adventure LLC is not responsible / liable for any incidents that may occur this is covered by the transport provider.

9. Complaints – Any complaints please address to Challenging Adventure LLC Team Leader who will endeavour to put things right where possible during the activities.  Please note we cannot be responsible for individual behaviour of group members.   If you are still not satisfied please address all complaints in writing to head office upon return. lizzy@challengingadventure.com

10. The customer’s booking is accepted by Challenging Adventure LLC on the understanding that the customer/ participants and spectators appreciate the possible risk involved in adventure activities and acknowledge that the Group/individuals take part in the activities at their own risk and agree to the below waiver.

Waiver and release

I hereby release and discharge Challenging Adventure LLC, its associates and its staff to the full extent allowed by law, from any, and, all liability, claims, demands arising from loss / damage of property, personal injuries, disabilities, emotional distress, illness or death to any group members while participating in the activities and using any or all the equipment and facilities provided by Challenging Adventure LLC.  We agree not to pursue any form of legal action for any members of the party.  Except for where negligence is proved to be a contributing factor. 

It is agreed that any comments / videos & photography taken may be used as promotional material by Challenging Adventure llc.

I understand procedures have been put in place and agree to adhere to the measures in place to protect your child and others from COVID19, temperature checks will be carried out on arrival, anyone with temp 38 degrees and above will not be permitted to enter, face masks must be worn until activity begins, failing to do so will result in the removal from the activity with no refund given.