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Terms & Conditions

1. I consent to my child / myself receiving emergency medical treatment, on the understanding that I am contacted as soon as is reasonably possible. I authorise my child / myself is to be given paracetamol as pain relief if needed after consultation with both a trained first-aider and teacher in charge and agree that I have private medical insurance to cover any medical treatment needed, once emergency treatment has been given.  I agree that I will not pursue Challenging Adventure for any medical costs that maybe incurred once emergency treatment has been given.

2. Any child showing symptoms of Covid will be placed in isolation and parents contacted according.

3. Any photographic images taken throughout the stay will be used for marketing material for Challenging Adventure LLC

4. Challenging Adventure LLC reserve the right to withdraw any participant who deems a safety risk or lack of discipline towards themselves or the rest of the group, the participant will be responsible to cover any additional cost incurred to Challenging Adventure LLC

5. Challenging Adventure has a no phones policy at the centre unless prior agreement is agreed with the school, this is for the safety of the students during sessions times, use of phones proves to be safety risk to everyone taking part in activities and to avoid electronic distraction along with any distress that will be caused by loss or damage to the device.

Challenging Adventure will not be responsible for any loss or damage to personal property of participants.  

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