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Bronze Level Programs

Teambuilding activities for corporates
Teambuilding activities for corporates

Corporate Challenge

Competing against the other team you need to be quick on your feet and fast thinking to out smart the other team and capture as many flags as you can without being captured yourself. The team with the most flags will be the winner.

Listen to the beat and repeat, this will get your creative thinking going. Beating the drum you will follow the leader and recreate the beat with the team, once you have got the beat can you do this with more hands on the drum? The team will get smaller and smaller making the challenge even harder.

Picture that - using descriptive words the leader will explain what the rest of the team need to draw can the rest of the team match the leaders drawing?


Focus: Communication, Critical Thinking, Creative Thinking, Improved Co-ordination skills

Teambuilding activities for corporates

Mini Olympics

With a series of 4 tasks your teams will compete in developmental activites to win the ulitmate prize of being the winning team.


Focus: Leadership, Time Management, Conflict Resolution, and Effective Communication.

Teambuilding activities for corporates

Terrific Teams

Broken into smaller teams, you will take part in 4 Strategically planned activities


Focus: Efficentcy, Creative Thinking, Critical Planning and Teamwork 

Teambuilding activities for corporates

Mountain Adventure

A series of tasks planned around your teams needs with a strong focus on leadership – team development and so much more


Focus:  Teamwork, communication, leadership, conflict 
resolution, time management and problem solving

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